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“My work talks about love. I work on the versatility of romantic and sexual surrender, the subjection that love brings, as thought by a woman and as a woman. I work the fragility in which it is classified. I fight against installed Latin American socio-cultural morality.

To this end, I take pictures of naked women, in study as to emphasize the idea of ​​fragility and pure beauty. Then the contrast of the body with metal objects or the glass that I make makes the scene dangerous and accentuates the idea of ​​subjection, pleasure and violence. I manipulate different materials that generate new languages ​​is a game of alchemy and a new space outside the studio: the workshop. Metal, solder, fire, acids; fabrics and papers that I tattoo and that I burn. I put a word to them. Everything comes out of my private world collection (letters, poems, photos, music, movies).

Like a secret that wants to be told, I take scenes from the unconscious to make them lucid through the photographic language. A descent of the intimate universe of memories to the material plane of light in the film. The dreamed is present in black and white images, a female body that could be mine or not. A universal representation of how I feel the woman I am. The woman that I was. A reflection on the woman of the future.”



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